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The Traveling Gypsie

November 30, 2018

Who could ever imagine a 19 year old, in her second year of University studying Kinesiology, leaving everything and going on a 15 year journey, traveling around the world? Looking back, this was a reality that I wasn't looking for or even thought could be possible. I was pursuing my passion of sports and healthy living, studying the body with aspirations to become an athletic therapist for a national sports team. For the first time, that summer, Cirque du Soleil came to my western Canadian city where I was living, and I applied to work in customer service for the company.  My first day, I walked through the backstage, and saw artists with the most stunning costumes, and unreal make up. I continued through to the main stage where a performer was flying around in red silks. I fell into the fantasy and dream of this magical world, my inner dancer and performer self was drugged into overdrive... 

I was hooked and when the opportunity for me to continue to work for the company and go on tour with them, my inner soul said "YES YES YES!!!" My logical self also was on my side and said "Go!! You can always go back to school to finish studying." So without a second thought, I grabbed my suitcases and embarked on my journey around the world. 

It was a totally different life. Every 2 months, a different city, a different country. Exuberant parties from Miami to London with A-List stars, and performances for royalty including Prince William and Kate. 
Surrounded by the talent of artists from over 50 countries, I started rehearsing and training until, one day, I made the transition from front of house to being on-stage. Creating live art in motion where the impossible becomes reality and the limits to what your body can do far exceeds anything you thought possible.
As an artist onstage, you are far more responsible than just the act you do. Outside of Cirque du Soleil, in other shows, you create your own character, design the costumes you wear and figure out how to keep your falsies from falling off underwater. 
As much experience that I gained from travelling, the best part was getting to spend a few months living in these countries. Tasting the soul of their food, learning how to ask "where is the toilet" in different languages and seeing the vibrance the world has to offer. 
Fifteen years later, I decided to create a collection that would reflect the beauty of my travels. Pinches of Japanese styling to the colours of the Carnival in Rio, Boho Leni is full of life, good vibes, and giving the feeling of being free on the beach. I couldn't be happier that I get to share it here first, home in Australia!
Be free, love from the soul, and enjoy the journey


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