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Sunday Eats - Secretly good-for-you Pancakes

December 09, 2018 6 Comments

I love food, and cooking with inspiration from around the world. Always looking for the healthiest way, and easiest method to cooking, I want to share some of my favorites with you on my Sunday Eats Cooking blog! 

With only 6 ingredients, I revamped my childhood staple into an easy good for you morning treat.

Growing up in Canada, pancakes were a staple in every household. I loved helping my mom flip them and decide just how big I wanted mine to be. Unfortunately traditionally made with white flour, and toped with melted butter, they don't do much for your beach ready bod. 

I came up with a tasty and healthy alternative that tastes just as good as the origional, full of good for your gut fibre, and with ingredients you probably already have in the house. This was important, as with my travels, I can't always find the latest health trendy chia, or spirulina greens in smoothies. 

I started with the forbidden fruit, an apple. Chopped into small pieces, this is a way of bulking up the pancake with vitamins and fibre. Getting a good dose of fibre in the morning is important to keep you fuller longer, and improving digestive health. Hiding fruit in the food is great for picky eaters, helping get their vitamins without the struggle of trying to force it down.

My biggest health movement in past years has been returning to whole foods. Full of color and away from un beneficial white and overly processed foods. Switching purely to self raising wholewheat flour in all of my baking provided a guilt-free way to fill my desire for fresh breads and cakes. (More recipes to come)

Don't stress when you measure things. Only in doing this blog did I take notice to how much of everything I used. Usually I just use a coffee mug as guidence, and go by consistancy of the batter for if I need to add more flour or milk. 

Milk, egg, a drop of oil, and spoonfull of maple syrup (or sugar if you don't have,) make up the wet ingredients to finish this simple quick and easy recipe.

Using a hand blender means it's mixed and ready to go in seconds, and easy to poor-in-the-pan for cooking. Usually I start with the apples on the bottom, so the flour gets easily mixed with everything. Blend everything until there are no more apple chunks. To check the consistancy lift the blender out and look for the batter to coat the end of the blender. 


Preheating a large frying pan prior to blending, means she'll be ready when you are. Using a cooking spray to grease the pan limits extra calories during cooking. Poor as many pancakes as will fit into the pan, keeping in mind that the bigger they are, the harder it will be to flip them. 


Mom's trick to knowing when to flip them is super easy. Wait for the pancakes to start bubbling. Once you see a good coverage of bubbles, flip them, and another 2 minutes longer, your pancakes are ready to go. 

Before starting the next batch of pancakes, oil the pan again to prevent them from sticking. Heat an oven on low and place ready-made pancakes in an oven safe plate to keep nice and warm until serving. 

Serve your pancakes with fresh fruit and top with maple syrup, honey or your favorite pancake topper. 

Variations include adding oats, and substituting the apple with pears, or banana. 


1 apple chopped into small pieces

3/4 Cup or 100g self-raising whole wheat flour

3/4 Cup of milk

1 TBSP Vegitable Oil plus some for greasing frying pan

2 TBSP Maple Syrup (plus some for topping)

1 egg

Optional fresh cut fruit for serving


1. Oil frying pan and heat pan on medium heat

2.Blend all ingredients in hand blender until no more apple lumps and even      consistency

3. Pour round shaped pancakes into pan careful not to over crowd, and cook until uniform bubbles apear.

4. Flip pancakes and cook for 2-3 minutes longer until golden brown. 

Makes approx. 9-11 pancakes

5. Serve topped with maple syrup and fresh cut fruit.

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy rendition of a classic, let me know how it goes for you, and if you have a variation you like to share! 



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